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Digital Therapy: Part III - Rewriting Your Story when 3.5" Floppy Disks Fail

Remember that time in college, camped out in the communal dorm computer lab armed with a stack of 3.5" floppy disks?  You and that corded mouse and clickity/clackity keyboard have become one having spent hours typing that paper.    You were in "the zone" and now you are done!  You have just written a masterpiece.   Before there was "The Blue Screen of Death," there was the corrupt floppy disk.  You have that moment of realization that the disk failed to save all your work.

When this happens, it's the stages of grief hitting you all at once.  Denial - nope, that didn't just happen.  Anger - WTF? I am seriously going to kick someone's ass.   Bargaining - How about I give someone $100 to write this paper for me?  Depression - I just want to curl up in fetal position.  Acceptance - Fine.  I guess I will just have to re-write it.  It's just 10 hours of my life I will never get back.

This pretty much summarizes my life as a business owner over the last 5 months.  As the time draws closer to when I have to close my cafe.  I feel myself inching into the stage of Acceptance.  The re-writing of my paper has begun.  What's interesting about when you re-write a paper, you have the outline of the original path in your head.   You also remember the flaws in the original story.  The story line that included partnering with inexperienced millennials; Edit. Delete.  The chapter where an employee stole most of his salary by clocking in and out from home.  Edit.  Delete.  The re-write also allows  you to focus more on the things that worked.  Partnering with local food distributors.  Edit.  Add. Add. Add.  Continued face to face interactions with customers at markets.  Edit.  Add.  The re-write also prompts story lines that you had in the first iteration but for some reason you deleted it.  Add it back in.  Food Truck.  Edit.  Add.

Yes, I still am annoyed at the fact my SAVE didn't work due to a corrupt floppy disk and I spent 2 years of my life (and a lot of money) I'll never get back.  At the end of the day, you may realize that re-written story is better because it has the benefit of experience and will read a lot more smoothly than what you thought was the final paper, in reality it was just the first draft.  The key is to keep writing that paper and to make sure that you keep the 3.5" floppy disks away from magnets and heat.