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Turning on a dime.  It's a funny saying isn't it?   The dime is the smallest US coin.  The origin of the saying comes from high performance vehicles.  Can it turn quickly in a very small space?  Can a business turn and change directions quickly when the stuff gets thrown at us?  Comparing T-Rex Cookie to a high performance vehicle?  That's pretty funny.  Perhaps a Mini Cooper, it does have a BMW engine.  One big challenge AND advantage small businesses have is the need to turn on a dime.  We are able to take a turn in direction a bit faster than a those large companies which are run by committee and hierarchy.  There are no pre-meetings before meetings to discuss the direction.    The catering company just increased the order by 100 and we are out of bread!  Can we use a different bread?   The cost of our butter from the existing supplier has doubled can we switch suppliers TOMORROW?  Small businesses are not a democracy.   Make the decision.  Turn on the dime.

Dime a dozen.  The poor dime can't catch a break can it?  The dime went into circulation in 1796.  In the 1800s many foods were sold by the dozen for the price of a dime.  After a while, because eggs, oranges, apples were sold this way,  it started to mean something that was common.  Not special.  They were a dime a dozen.  In today's words, "Meh".  Small businesses are a dime a dozen.  Millions start every year.  There are entrepreneurs with the "Field of Dreams" mentality;  If you make/sell it they will buy it.  Yes, I know you make the best <Fill In The Blank>, but why do people want to buy it?  What's your story?   What makes you more than a dime a dozen?  People want to hear why you went into business.  They want to be part of your story or at least know your story is.  Tell it.  

This entry is an ode to the dime.  Not only does it force us entrepreneurs to be able to change directions, it forces us to question our mediocrity.  I just have to question why something that is worth ten cents SMALLER than the nickle which is worth half?  From a company who prides itself on saying that SIZE MATTERS, I suppose that's a question for another time.